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Securing your Home/Business

Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center provides uninterrupted alarm monitoring 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year at the unbeatable low rate of ONLY £9.99/month.

The monthly rate of ONLY £9.99/month includes burglary, fire, panic and Carbon Monoxide alarm monitoring. In short, any device that is attached to your current alarm system CAN be monitored by Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center at NO EXTRA COST. All inclusive for ONLY £9.99/mo.

At The Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center  when your alarm is triggered, the alarm signal will be transmitted to our Listed Monitoring Station. Upon receiving the alarm signal, one of our trained alarm operators will immediately initiate Advanced security group`s  comprehensive Protection Process.

Why Choose Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center? In addition to the added safety and peace of mind you'll enjoy when Advanced security group Monitoring Center monitors your alarm, our service virtually pays for itself. Almost every insurance company provides a substantial reduction from 10% - 30% on insurance premiums for home/business owners who have their alarm systems monitored. When you activate your alarm system with The Monitoring Center, you will receive an alarm monitoring Insurance Certificate. You should forward this Insurance Certificate onto your insurance company in order to receive your premium discount.

Alarm monitoring is an essential component of an effective alarm system. Nationwide studies show that having an alarm system monitored by a professional security company increases safety and deters theft.


Active Alarm Monitoring

The Monitoring Center also offers Active Monitoring which will log openings and closings for an additional $5.00 per month. This service also provides the customer will full reporting which can be e-mailed to you on a weekly or monthly basis.

Scheduled Alarm Monitoring

The Monitoring Center also offers Scheduled Monitoring which works hand in hand with Active Alarm Monitoring. Scheduled Alarm monitoring offers a business owner not only a log of openings and closings but also a phone call from one of our LIVE operators to advise if there is an "unscheduled" opening or closing at their premise. This service is provided for an additional £5.00 per month.

Duress Code or Hold-up Monitoring

If you are forced to turn your alarm system off against your will, entering your duress code instead of your regular code signals to our Monitoring Station that you are being held hostage.  Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center would then dispatch as an Emergency Panic situation.

Line-Cut Technology....Backup Monitoring

cellular backup

Emergency Response

Emergency Response includes Fire, Panic and/or Carbon Monoxide detection. These signals are received by our Monitoring Station either through depressing the appropriate buttons (fire/panic/police) on your keypad or by one of the devices signaling through to our Monitoring Station.

Once you activate your alarm monitoring service, you and your loved ones can feel secure that Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center will be ready to rapidly respond to any life-threatening situation. Depending on the type of emergency occurring, The Monitoring Center will dispatch Firefighters, Police, alarm response team to the scene immediately upon receiving your alarm signal. Emergency response devices are included in the same low monthly rate of ONLY £9.99/mo At NO Extra cost.

Fire Monitoring

A smoke detector is a device that detects particles crossing a light beam or electrical current. Once a fire starts, the smoke plume rises to the ceiling and spreads into the chamber of the smoke detector which is one of the reasons a smoke detector should be ceiling mounted. Once the particles interrupt the light beam or electrical current connection between electrodes, the device will go into an alarm state. This will result in the detector sounding, your siren sounding, and the signal transmitting to your monitoring facility. The Monitoring Center will immediately respond to the fire signal by dispatching the fire department and/or following your protection process instructions.

A Heat detector is designed to detect either a rapid rise in temperature or a fixed temperature of 135F. Heat detectors are most commonly used in kitchens, garages or any other location where smoke has a potential to occur on a daily basis. The correct selection and placement of fire devices is critical in the rapid detection of a fire as well as reducing a potential for false alarms. A dual tech device also exists where a smoke detector and heat detector are combined within the same unit.

Easily, fire detectors are the most important non-security devices

Smoke detectors...

  • Are commonly installed on the ceiling near bedrooms

  • Should be tested once every month

  • Should be replaced every 10 years

  • Your fire alarm (if connected to your alarm system and monitored) is a 24 hour zone and will signal to your Monitoring Facility whether or not your alarm is armed


Actively monitored Fire alarms in your home bring you the biggest savings on home insurance premiums (20% to 30% discount) due to their value in saving property and lives.

Please take comfort in the knowledge that your fire alarm device is a 24 hour zone and your signal for assistance will be transmitted to our Monitoring Facility whether or not your alarm system is armed.

Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center includes your fire alarm monitoring in our low everyday monitoring rate of ONLY £9.99/month At NO Extra cost.


Panic Alarm Monitoring

A panic alarm is an electronic device that is designed to alert our Listed alarm monitoring facility in emergency situations where there may be a threat to you or your property. There is a panic button located on your alarm keypad...they can also be purchased in the form of a hand-held device.

There is always a risk of running into an emergency or a dangerous it should put your mind at ease knowing that your panic button is a 24 hour zone and will transmit to our Monitoring Facility whether or not your alarm system has been armed.

Please take comfort in the knowledge that your panic button and/or wireless device is a 24 hour zone and your signal for assistance will be transmitted to our Monitoring Facility whether or not your alarm system is armed.

 Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center includes your panic alarm monitoring in our low everyday monitoring rate of ONLY £9.99/month At NO Extra cost.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring


Choose Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center for your home, business, retail store and/or office

Why pay an inflated security-monitoring fee when  Advanced security group`s Monitoring Center provides you and your family with the highest level of professional security monitoring for only £9.99* per month.

Affordable, dependable, full-service Alarm Monitoring for only £9.99 per month.

One of our expert technicians' will reprogram your existing alarm panel and conduct a full diagnostic test to ensure our State-of-the-art Listed,  Alarm Monitoring Station is receiving each and every signal from your monitored premise.

Switching is Easy.

SWITCHOVER your existing system to The Monitoring Center today and start saving money. Pay ONLY £9.99/month along with a one-time set-up fee to open your account.

All the above functions will be on Advanced security group`s  mobile sos app

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